National LGBT Advisory Committee on 10/02/2011

Brief account produced by Jo Parry (newly elected LTRC LGBT officer).

Present LTRC advisory members
Adrian Rowe, Neasden
Alan Bell, Hammersmith & City
Joanne Parry, TfL No.1

Apologies from LTRC advisory members
Peter Heyes, Stratford 1

EC Members Present
Janine Booth and Micky Thompson

Agenda items.

4. Equal Rights Sub Committee Report
Discussion about seeking RMT and TUC to push employers to provide paid release and formal recognition of LGBT reps and TUC equality reps
EC response to sexual orientation monitoring was that it is up to the individual to disclose. However the point that Sister Parry made was that there is currently no mechanism by which a member can formally disclose as there is nowhere to capture this information in RMT membership record.
The committee members also stated that national campaign such as March against the Cuts should contain statements and stats that speak directly to the LGBT community.

5. Pride events 2011
The national LGBT advisory committee lends it formal support to two pride events per year. A discussion took place regarding support smaller newer prides for 2011. The following prides were nominated Blackpool, Bristol, Liverpool and Reading. A vote occurred and the two with the most votes and thus gaining formal support from the national LGBT advisory committee are:
Blackpool pride parade on 11th June 2011.
Bristol pride march on 16th July 2011.
The committee wished to make it clear that branches and regions should still go ahead and support their local pride events and publicise both their local pride arrangements and Blackpool and Bristol to their activists to lend support to all.

6. National LGBT conference 2011
This will occur on 13th May 2011 at the Jury’s Inn hotel in Plymouth, PL4 0AZ. There will be a social at the hotel on the evening of 12th May. A preferential room rate of £59 per night inc. Breakfast has been negotiated. In order to secure this rate delegates must telephone the hotel and quote “RMT delegate negotiated rate”
A circular requesting delegates to register for the conference was issued to branch secretaries and regional councils on 13th January 2011 circular no. NP/003/11.
Each branch is entitled to nominate two delegates and each regional council can nominate 3 delegates.
If you are interested in attending please go to your branch meeting or get in touch with your branch or regional secretary.
Nominations must be received by head office by 15th April 2011.

7. Organising &regional reports were received.

8. Resolutions – none received.

9.Organising unit
Hate crime Awareness week is 13th-18th June 2011
Committee members discussed forming champion roles for the following areas that the national committee want to concentrate their activity on:
Events – delegates from other regions
Organising –delegates from other regions
Communications – Jo Parry and Adrian Rowe
Hate crime – Jo Parry, Alan Bell and Denny Gallagher from London and Anglia region.

10. AOB
26th March TUC demonstration in London against government cuts.