More staff cuts facing train side

RMT reps on the Trains Functional Council have been informed by London Underground bosses on plans to cut more staff on the train side. Bill O'Dowd reported "we have now had confirmation, that Management intend to remove Rostered Team Talk from new working Time Tables, this was revealed to us at the last TFC". The RMT objected to these further cuts to train grades staffing levels.

This new agenda for slashing train crew numbers will mean that 35 operators will be displaced - saving LUL £1.9M. RMT reps were told by management that this was a only a matter for consultation, not negotiation. The RMT has reffered the matter to head office.

This comes on top of the LUL/ASLEF 2009 Agreement resulting in cuts across the combine to spare duties and pool staff.

RMT is the only tube union opposed to cuts affecting train crew establishments across all the depots.