Metroline Boxing Day Pay 2011

Boxing Day pay deal at Metroline 2011.

In 2010 the Boxing Day pay was £422 as an average.
In 2011 it is £303 as an average.

A difference of £119 less for the drivers compared to 2010.

This is a -28.2% reduction in their pay!!!

The total duties worked on Boxing Day 2011 at West Perivale Garage excluding the new 105 route was 94.

If we multiply 94 duties by £119 then the result is £11,186 in savings in favour of Metroline and at the expense of the drivers, and just for that day alone! For the sake or roundness you could add another zero to that amount because Metroline has 10 garages in total.

Three garages did not accept the deal, but seven garages accepted.