London Underground's disability poem. Monday's disabled child is fair of face and gets a job. Tuesday's disabled child is sacked

London Underground are the stellar employer of London. They set the moral and ethical tone for all the others to follow.

On Monday February 23 LUL were in the media, on TV, on the Radio highlighting the virtues of making the stigma of workers with disabilities a thing of the past.
A good thing you must agree.

On Tuesday February 24 LUL dismissed a young girl because she had a disability.
An absolute disgrace.
After 5 years of reasonable adjustments in place to allow her to continue in her role, they decide it is no longer "sustainable"
Those reasonable adjustments were no live track.
CSA grades do not work on live tracks.
No open platform work.
She works on the Jubilee line extension.
With PED doors.
Access to the track is impossible.
No working in machine chambers.
CSAs do not work in machine chambers. Ever.
What part is "unsustainable"?

24 hours is a long time in a disabled persons life.
24 hours in LULs life seems to be long enough to alter drastically company policy.

A disabled person deserves equal, fair and consistent treatment. As do all employees.

LUL have shown their disdain for disabled groups and their own employees by their actions this week.
LUL state categorically on Monday we want an inclusive equal policy for our employees, we seek to hold out a hand of equality and inclusiveness to everyone.

On Tuesday that same hand cruelly withdraws this in a vicious and nasty fashion.
They now say if your disabled you are surplus to requirements.
Airbrushed out of the employ of London Underground.

The cruelest twist in this whole piece was that LUL used the medical questionnaire all employees had to fill in as part of FFFS to dismiss her.
Karen gave all the information LUL already had on file.
Failure to disclose all relevant information would result in a CDI on a gross misconduct charge.

Today LUL used that report from LUOH generated by that questionnaire to dismiss Karen Guyott.
Despite LUL haven given a commitment at ACAS that no worker with medical restrictions would suffer a detriment.
We suspended strikes on that agreement. Signed by the RMT and LUL.

There is no greater detriment that losing your job.

LUL have reneged on the agreement that suspended strike action in October.

The RMT should reinstate the strikes, name days and build for action

Alex McGuigan, Noël Roberts, Michael Martin, the proposed rosters we have been given, the failure to properly consult on BNS. Fixed term contract workers, PT Night workers.
How much more will we take?
They appear great because we are on our knees.
Rise up

FFFS is as we have always said is a tool to sack over 1000 workers.
We can sit idly by and watch LUL systematically dismiss our colleagues and comrades who are unfortunate to require reasonable adjustments to continue their jobs.

Or we can take the bull by the horns, get on the front foot and defend our members, defend our terms and conditions, defend our futures.
Industrial action is the only language LUL understand.

If we fight we may lose
If we don't fight we we cannot win.

Solidarity wins