Local Investigatory Report into Canning Town Evacuation Slams Fit for the Future

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RMT Head Office has seen a draft Local Investigatory Report into a PTI incident and station evacuation at Canning Town in May of this year.

“With the Control Room at Canning Town being unstaffed there was no central base for communications to flow in and out of.”

“Station classification lead to low numbers of staff being present to manage an emergency.”

“The current operating model did not match customer demand or resourcing levels.”

As a result of this incident management are now seeking to take staff from other areas to shore things up at Canning Town.  But the findings of the report have not identified particular factors that are specific to Canning Town. Unstaffed control rooms and inadequate overall staffing levels are causing massive problems all over the network. RMT has been warning about the dangers of unstaffed control rooms but as recently as 9 Sept management have written to us dismissing our concerns.

LU have shown contempt for their own report. On 18th Sept they left Canning Town babysat. A mobility impaired customer activated a fire call point when they couldn’t get a response from an info point (control room unstaffed). There was no CSS/CSM on site to deal with the fire panel going into evac mode.

RMT is writing to LU Managing Director, Mike Wild. We will be calling for the one year review of Fit for the Future to be brought forward. We cannot wait any longer to address dangerous levels of staffing and the de-staffing of control rooms. LU knows FftF staffing arrangements must change - their own report says so.

  • Bring Forward One Year Fit for the Future Review
  • Re-staff all control rooms
  • Address training crisis
  • Suspend displacements until we have an agreed transfer policy based on members’ preferences
  • Provide additional staff to meet demands of coverage and provide safe staffing levels.
  • Re-open Ticket Offices.
  • Make all current CSAs CSA1 - Abolish the fictitious role of CSA2