Leaflet: Ballot Papers Out Thursday 14 May

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Voting closing on Thursday 28th May

After having a massive democratic YES vote for strike action discounted by management; RMT is to re-ballot nearly 10,000 members across London Underground and Transport for London for strike action around disputes centred on jobs, pay and breaches of disciplinary and attendance agreements.

There are three areas of dispute:

JOBS SECURITY: London Underground, bosses are trying to tear up an agreement aimed at safeguarding jobs, and has refused to rule out compulsory redundancies. TfL is also threatening compulsory redundancies as part of a £2.4 billion cuts package.

PAY CUTS: LUL has also refused to budge from an unacceptable five-year pay offer that gives no real-terms increase for four years, and which could even see pay cut, and there have been so many complaints of breaches of disciplinary and attendance procedures they appear co-ordinated. TfL has so far failed to table any pay offer at all.

BULLYING STAFF: LUL management have been breaching the agreed disciplinary and attendance procedures and have encouraged aggressive and punitive behavior by local managers.

Vote YES for Strike Action & Action Short of Strike!