Jail for Two Women who Stole Cash from OAP on Bus

A pair of pickpockets who stole £400 from a 75-year old woman have been jailed for five months.

Nedyalka Mihova, 38, and her daughter-in-law Ivanka Mihova, 21, pleaded guilty at Ealing Magistrates court to theft and were sentenced on Tuesday 22nd March 2011.

On October 30th 2010, the victim boarded the number 427 bus in Southall Broadway after withdrawing £400 from the bank. Nedyalka and Ivanka followed the pensioner onto the bus and stole the cash from her handbag before leaving the bus.

The victim travelled a short distance on the bus and discovered that the money was missing only when she later tried to pay for items in a shop.

Images of the two thieves were captured on the bus CCTV and they were identified and subsequently arrested on February 8th 2011 and charged.