Fighting Homophobia RMT Poster

Please find enclosed some copies of the Fighting Homophobia poster. A wrist band has been produced to accompany the campaign and a couple are also enclosed.

This opportunity can be taken to remind all members that an object of the Union is “to oppose actively all forms of harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination”. The poster provides a simple symbol for our zero tolerance to discrimination.

As part of supporting our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender members, any LGBT member who wishes to be more actively involved in the union are encouraged to attend the short course at our Doncaster Education Centre on 28-29 March 2014.

All members who are interested in the broad issue of equalities are welcome to attend the Equalities course on 10-14 March 2014. It would be of particular benefit to members who are considering becoming Equality Reps for their Branch or workplace.

Should you have any comments or require more copies, please do contact the Equal Opportunities Officer, Jess Webb (

Yours sincerely,

General Secretary

Bob Crow

  • You can download and print the poster here.