Don't bottle it - take a PNR!

RMT reps have raised the issue with Bakerloo management of train drivers urinating in bottles and throwing them on the track. The union has a long standing agreement with LUL that drivers needing a toilet break should call for a personal needs relief (PNR) to use the the proper facilities.
While other workers can easily use the toilet in offices etc, train staff need to inform the line controller that they require a PNR at either Elephant & Castle, Queens Park, or Harrow and Wealdstone. Urinating on or near the track is a sure way of getting yourself electrocuted and your workmates shouldn’t have to handle the TBC after you’ve taken a leak. The safety and hygiene issues here don’t bear thinking about. RMT reps are concerned that there is a culture of drivers being too afraid to ask for a PNR on the Bakerloo line. To this end management have agreed to outline the PNR procedures in the November team talk.