DLR Members Vote To Accept Pay Offer


Further to my previous Circular (IR/144/15, 4th June 2015), the referendum has concluded with members voting as follows:-

Question: Are you prepared to accept the Company’s offer?

Total Votes Cast 337
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 255
Number Voting ‘No’ 82
Spoilt Papers 0

This matter has been considered by the General Grades Committee, which has taken the decision to inform the Company of our acceptance of the offer. The Company has been informed accordingly and I have asked that the offer, along with backdated monies, is paid to members at the earliest opportunity.

For your ease of reference, the offer which has been accepted is as follows:-

Year One
A 2% pay increase, backdated to 1st January 2015 (including for allowances) and running to 31st March 2016.
Those with a salary of less than £30,000 will receive a minimum increase of £750.

Years Two & Three
An increase of March RPI + 0.25%, with a guaranteed minimum increase of 1.5%.
To reflect the movement of the pay anniversary date, one additional day’s leave will be given in 2016 to each member of staff employed on 1st January 2016. This extra day of leave applies to 2016 only and is equivalent to 7 hours. Usual rules for rostering and/or booking of annual leave will apply.

I will keep you advised of all further developments.