Connect / Airwave Radio Shock Health Report

You may be aware that the LUL Connect Radio System and the emergency services Airwave system both use Tetra Wave Radio technology. Safety reps have recently received a shocking copy of a Police Federation Report questioning the safety of Tetra Wave Radio as shown at

As Tetra radio uses pulsed microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies some of the health problems alleged to be associated with Tetra include Increased arthritis, Skin problems, Ear problems, Risk to leukaemia, Childhood cancer, Sleep problems, Depression,Memory loss, Difficulty in concentrating and Mental conditions, Heart problems, Blood problems, Interference with bone marrow, Tumours, Calcium interference, 46% reduction in night-time melatonin leading to suppression of the immune system. This is to name a few of the health problems which Tetra waves cause.This report is essential reading for anyone concerned about their health.

As a result of this report on Friday 26th September 2008, RMT Finsbury Park Branch held a Presentation by an Independent Researcher on TETRA/Airwave radio waves, at the Friends House Meeting Place 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ. This meeting was attended by many RMT Health & Safety reps. . The presentation showed over 10 years of documented study material and findings into the effects of Tetra radio waves that are being emitted from the new communication equipment that we currently use each day. The researcher cited the work of recognised scientists in their field via slide presentation and then attempted to make the findings clearer to the layman. This event was obviously specifically aimed at all Health and Safety Reps to help create awareness in their local areas.

The general feeling after the Tetra presentation was their is no doubt that TETRA/Airwave radio appeared to be unsafe. Anyone who's read the scientific study done by the Police Federation scientist or who have researched a little of the wealth of information about this subject on the internet would probably be concerned..

Another essential wealth of Tetra wave relevant information and is viewable at

Different quotes on Tetra, with many links to sites where the quotes come from are all shown at

One quote about Tetra from the Police Federation scientist Barrie Trower sticks out the most-

"The government, government scientists and [this industry] will be responsible for more civilian deaths in peacetime than all the terrorist organisations put together."

As a result of these concerns some local safety reps have asked management to provide the following

1/ A Certificate of safety compliance ( to show that the system complies with all relevant legislation)

2/ Provide evidence of an agreed monitoring system (To check agreed levels are not breeched in regard to radio waves and microwave radiation)

3/ Provide an Insurance Certificate (Proving insurance has been obtained specific to connect)

Train Operators are also concerned about the cumulative effect of radiation in their cabs. This is because they have other devices including incab CCTV, Signalling and 630 volt motoring. This equipment emits its own electromagnetic waves in a closed environment deep below ground.

The long term effects of prolonged use of TETRA are already potentially very concerning. RMT Head Office needs to take a leading role on this issue and the health monitoring must start as soon as possible

Once again the Police Report for those who haven't read it is essential reading at .

Regards Ifor Davies