Camden 3 report on organisation 2009

organiseThe Regional Council Secretary wrote to all branches, asking for their assessment of their branch’s work during 2009, and suggesting that they might address the following points:
- whether your membership grew or shrunk during 2009, and why you think this is
- any problems you have had filling reps’ positions within the branch’s area
- how effective your branch was during any industrial action in your area last year
- what recruitment activities you have organised
- any comments on how the union, either nationally or regionally, has helped (or not helped!)
- ideas for future improvements


Camden 3 branch's report:

[1] Membership went down in 2009 and think this can mainly be put down to the long-running Pay Dispute, which a lot of members grew disenchanted with over the course of the year and disagreed with the direction of the action we took and indeed were threatening to take again. However, it is very noticeable that the mood out there with Station Staff has now changed since we made them aware of the Job Cuts that were going to be imposed upon them individually and I have seen a steady stream of members who left now re-apply to join the Union again. If we carry on the way we have been going and also keep a united front on the action that we will have to take, then I have no doubt that not only will existing members fully support us but we will more than recover the losses that my Branch has recently suffered.

[2] Only places we have had problems in filling reps positions within my area is at our two Traincrew Depots, and we are now taking steps to successfully rectify that situation.

[3] Patchy, or could have done better, would probably be the most apt way of describing my Branch’s support during the Industrial Action but again we are putting methods in place to rectify this situation from now on. As soon as they are in place, I would be more than happy to suggest that we will be able to put on a much better showing in the future.

[4] To facilitate an audit of everybody who works within my Branch’s spheres of influence, I have asked all the Local Reps to get up-to-date Staff Lists and have also asked Unity House for a print-out of every Station Staff member that we have on LUL. Upon receipt of these, myself and Becky and others will go through them and determine who all our members are. Those who are shown not to presently be in the RMT, even if they belong to the TSSA, will be sent a letter and an Application Form and asked to join to enable us to strengthen our position before any action becomes necessary. Furthermore, as Becky is the Branch Recruitment Officer, I have asked Unity House to ensure that she has the same access and authority over the Branch Membership details that I have as the Branch Secretary. There is no reason why such a request should be refused , as it can only help our Branch and the Union in ensuring that all our membership details are correct and up-to-date.

[5] One comment that has been made to me is that there can actually be an ‘over-kill’ of information and leaflets that we send out to our members. The LTRC and other publication lists are fine and these circulars are widely read but I know from being a Branch Secretary that I can sometimes actually receive 3 or 4 copies of the same leaflet/circular which is fine by me but could have a different and detrimental effect on your normal every-day member who just pays his dues and expects the Union to keep them in touch with what is happening elsewhere on LUL.

[6] Have e-mailed you under separate cover the first Edition of the new Camden 3 Branch newsletter that I would be grateful if you could arrange to be distributed as widely as possible.