British Transport Workers Join US Teamsters Protest At National Express AGM

Representatives of RMT and Unite will be joining a 20 strong delegation of US Teamsters at a protest against union-busting outside the AGM of global transport giant National Express, tomorrow 9th May at 2pm at Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG.

Coach and bus operator National Express has faced growing protests from US bus drivers who have accused the company of "anti-worker, anti-union" policies.

Members of the Teamsters union, which represents more than a million transport workers across the US, and the British trade unionists, recently held a "rally for respect" outside the firm's Birmingham headquarters.

National Express, the second-biggest operator of school buses in the US, stands accused of disciplining and sacking workers involved in union activities, as well as putting union activists under surveillance. In a letter to be delivered to the company's bosses, Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa said that the company "continues to violate the wishes of workers who wish to form a union and engage in collective bargaining." Mr Hoffa said that the company's policies meant workers were being deprived of "decent working conditions and respect."

National Express has a history of reward for failure in the UK, despite throwing back the keys when their franchise collapsed into chaos on the East Coast Main Line they continue to hoover up valuable public contracts. The company is headed by former Tube Lines chief Dean Finch – another company embroiled in spectacular failure on London Underground at public expense.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said;

“RMT stands shoulder to shoulder with our comrades from the Teamsters in their battle against the union-busters from National Express and we are pleased to be able to able to be able to join with them at their protest in London tomorrow."

“These global transport companies need to wake up to the fact that the trade union movement is acting internationally to challenge their anti-workers policies and their profiteering at public expense.”

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