Ballot of drivers in defence of Brother Davis to be extended

We note the resolution from our Central Line West Branch requesting that all Train Operators from White City and West Ruislip be balloted alongside comrades already being balloted from Central Line East for industrial action.

This NEC too condemns the highhanded and overly severe treatment of Bro Davis by London Underground management and note the following:

There are many comparators of similar and even more serious incidents where the Train Op had either no action taken against them or a much more appropriate sanction. These were ignored.

Mitigations contributing to Bro Davis’ incident around his wife’s ongoing illness and home life were brushed over.

Bro Davis has been employed by LUL for 20 years, his record was unblemished. His dismissal was unfair and is a further continuation of an increasingly common approach and abuse of the disciplinary procedures the company is actively purposely pursuing against our members.

We instruct the General Secretary to commence a ballot of all Train Operator and Train Operator Instructors at White City and West Ruislip Depots on the West End of the Central Line for Strike Action.

Members to be advised by written letter, email and text.

Relevant Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.