Around the depots: Arnos Grove

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

  • Local reps have negotiated a pool operators’ rest day roster to be introduced in early October.
  • Local management had been denying first aiders the chance to update / refresh their certificates. Following discussions, local reps have now negotiated a u-turn by management; first aiders will now be given the opportunity to keep their first aid skills up to date.
  • At a recent Local Disciplinary Interview, management counted an accident at work as an item of non-attendance. This contradicts the company’s Attendance at Work policy which states that accidents at work should be discounted. There is no longer an accident book. However, an EIRF must now be generated after any accident at work. If you have an accident at work, please ensure that all the correct details have been recorded, and that a detailed and accurate account of what happened is included.
  • Members are reminded that, if they are off sick for 28 days or more, they are entitled to union representation at any sickness interview. In certain cases, representation is allowed before 28 days. If in doubt, please contact one of your reps.