All fleet maintenance to be balloted over proposed safety cuts


That we note that the company are intent on a wholesale watering down of train inspection frequencies beyond all recognition across the LUL network; thereby introducing significant risks to the travelling public and our members of various grades.

Now that the ballot matrix is now up to date; and in the absence of any requested assurances from the company around this dispute relating to safety consultation and the removal of safety critical roles; we instruct the General Secretary to ballot all members in Fleet maintenance for industrial action in the form of:

Strike Action & Actions Short of a Strike namely:

• Overtime Ban
• Refusal of Rest Day working
• No working without a valid Risk Assessment
• Refusal to changing or swapping of shifts
• No lone working
• No working without a LU qualified First Aider at Work on site
• No task to be carried out, without a valid and up-to-date VMI, QP or WI
• No training for tasks that are not part of your substantive role, or training of staff to do tasks that are not their substantive role
• No working at any other location then your home location or associated sidings and callpoints
• No higher duty working
• No working without a valid license
• No working without a Fire Warden on site

Members to be advised by email & text.

Fleet Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

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