To All Duty Managers

Time To Talk?

Your union sat down with the senior management, held meetings and negotiated the ‘Heads of Agreement’, which states: ‘Rosters will be presented by the centurion manager that meet operational requirements, determine required resources and comply with the Framework of Agreements. If, following line and local discussion the original roster cannot be agreed then alternative compliant rosters will be produced by duty managers and agreed by an appropriate proportion of staff.’

It also states: ‘Revisions to rosters will seek to minimise the unsocial aspects of shift working’

However, senior management are trying to impose rosters on certain groups, which include extra Sundays and no meal breaks.

This is in complete contradiction to the ‘Heads of Agreement’. Do management set their own rules as they go along? What a good example of their ‘Time to Talk’ initiative this is!

A lot of managers don’t take a meal break and often work their complete shift. Your goodwill is being abused. The issue of meal breaks was raised at MATS Functional – senior management refused to put the item on the agenda. No time to talk!

DRCM’s Reorganisation

LUL is reducing 16 DRCMs to 9. No negotiations took place and there was no involvement of Health & Safety Reps. With this so-called reorganisation, senior management don’t even want to talk. These are the tactics of bullies with no consideration given to their staff. What happened to ‘Investors in People’?

Time for Action!

1. If you are not happy with imposed rosters, work your agreed roster. 2. The RMT will fight the Revenue reorganisation, if they get away with doing this to their managers, who will be next? 3. You are entitled to a meal break away from your station or depot; you cannot be denied this. You should take your break, especially DMTs on the desk. 4. Help us to fight for your rights.

Contact your RMT rep for Management, Admin and Technical Staff: Roy Carey