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RMT Protect Insurance- Presentation at Hammersmith & City branch in February

I am pleased to announce that John Eccles, a representative from RMT Protect, plans to attend the Hammersmith & City February Branch Meeting, on Wednesday 7th February from 1500hrs (usual time date and venue), to give a presentation and answer questions on 'RMT Protect' products and services.

The main benefits that will be covered in the presentation are: 

It pays to be in the RMT

Last Friday the RMT won a major victory when an Employment Tribunal at Watford ruled that one of our members had been unfairly dismissed after refusing to give a sample of hair during an alleged for cause DNA test. Member did not work for LUL but this result shows that employers have to be very careful about their actions whilst carrying out such tests and our local reps have to be extra vigilant to ensure that they are following the agreed process.

RMT to Improve Website and Develop App

RMT Council of Executives decision:

That the Information and Communication Technology Sub-Committee work with the Communications Department and representatives of the presentation team in order to develop the appropriate technology for developing the RMT website and app.

Regional Councils and branches to be advised.

RMT to Consider Website Improvements and an 'App'

RMT Council of Executives decisions:

RMT Membership ‘App’

That we note the resolution from the London Transport Regional Council and we see the positive nature that an ‘App’ could do for our union. The General Secretary is to invite a suitable software designer to give a presentation to the Council of Executives on the benefits and the protection we would need to bring this idea forward.

RMT Website

Resolution to Regional Council: RMT Website

The following resolution, submitted by Neasden Branch, was passed at the September meeting of the Regional Council ...

This Regional Council notes the sterling work carried out by the webmaster at RMT, with the provisions of the current RMT Website, RMTV and RMT Junction.

We feel that the RMT website as it is, is outdated, difficult to use, and not effective enough to communicate with our members.

Call for Special General Meeting on Legal Services

scales of justiceFinsbury Park branch passed the following resolution at its Annual General Meeting, requesting an RMT Special General Meeting about legal services, and has submitted it to the Regional Council for support. For the union to call such an SGM, other branches also need to support it. Stratford no.1 branch has already voted to do so. The Regional Council Executive endorsed this resolution on behalf of the Regional Council at its meeting on 9 February 2010.