Camden no.3 branch

Includes London Underground station staff on the Northern half of the Northern line, drivers at East Finchley and Golders Green, service control staff at Cobourg Street, plus employees of CBS Outdoor

Resolution: Election Candidates

The Regional Council Executive submits the following resolution to the February meeting of the Regional Council.

This Executive Committee suggests that the LTRC organises a Special Meeting to discuss the standing of candidates, in any forthcoming Council/General Elections, under the umbrella of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. Branches should be asked to submit the names of any candidates who may want to stand.

Camden 3 Branch newsletter, January 2010

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Camden 3 is the RMT Branch representing Goodge Street, Camden, Edgware, Finchley Central station groups; East Finchley, Golders Green depots; Coburg Street and CBSO

Next Branch Meeting: 17:00 Wednesday, 10th February at The Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street near Euston Station.

Next Regional Council: 16:30 Thursday, 28th January at the Somerstown Community Centre, 150 Ossulston Street

Battle lines are drawn!

CBS Outdoor: hours cut without loss of pay


On the recommendation of our negotiating team, the General Grades Committee has accepted a reduction in the working week of one hour in return for a freeze on all current pay rates.

Whilst far from perfect, negotiators took the view that this was the best position possible given the general malaise in the advertising industry. Indeed the company, which is having to be bankrolled by its parent company in the USA, were originally demanding a pay freeze with no cut in hours.

No2EU – Yes to Democracy North London rally, Thursday, May 21st

RMT is backing the ‘No2EU: Yes to Democracy’ coalition of trade unionists, political parties and campaigning groups, which is standing in London in the European elections on June 4 to defend democracy and public services.

Please come to the No2EU Yes to Democracy North London Rally, sponsored by RMT Camden No 3 Branch, on Thursday May 21 at the Fleet Community Centre, Fleet Road, London NW3 2QL, 7.30pm.

Speakers: Bob Crow, RMT general secretary and No2EU – Yes to democracy convenor Hugo Pierre, Camden Unison (personal capacity) other speakers to be confirmed

Resolution: Women in Israel and Gaza

This resolution, submitted by Camden No. 3 Branch, was passed by RMT Women's Conference 2009.

That this Conference mourns the deaths of over 1,000 Palestinians during Israel's brutal assault on Gaza in December and January, including hundreds of women and children.

While not condoning rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, or the regressive and sexist policies of Hamas, we unreservedly condemn Israel's actions in carrying out this attack, and its siege of Gaza.

Resolution: Women and the Economic Crisis

This resolution, submitted by Camden No. 3 Branch, was passed unanimiously by RMT Women's Conference 2009.

That this Conference notes that the economic crisis will hit working class women hard.

We note that within our industry, redundancies are already planned in administrative grades, dominated by women and are likely in the subcontracted jobs like cleaning, also dominated by women.

Women predominantly occupy the lowest paid grades in our industry, and are therefore vulnerable to the poverty inflicted by the economic crisis.

Resolution: Women and War

This resolution, submitted by Camden No. 3 Branch, was passed by RMT Women's Conference 2009.

That this Conference believes that all organisations engaged in assisting women victims of war (including rape and violence against women) should join together with a view to organising a day as a counterpoint to WW1 Armistice day in November.

These organisations should arrange and take part in a ceremony that would symbolize the suffering of women in conflict at the women’s memorial in Whitehall.

RMT to Ballot CBS Outdoor Members - Defend Brendan Judge


As RMT members you would have more likely heard of the disgraceful decision by CBS Outdoor to sack Union Representative, Brendan Judge, just before Christmas. CBS Outdoor members are understandably very angry about what has happened and have demanded action to get Brendan reinstated.

It is our firm belief that Brendan has done nothing wrong other than work to normal practices that all other members work to.