Tube Lines and Metronet: What They Said About Themselves

This is what our two failed Infracos said about themselves before they signed their PPP contracts ...

"Tube Lines believes that it will add value to the vital public service provided by LUL by delivering on time and to budget."

"Metronet has the skills, the knowledge and the ability along with sound financial backing to help turn London Underground into a system fit for the 21st century."

If anyone had to eat their words, the bosses of these consortia would have alphabetti spaghetti on the menu for years to come ...

Don’t Call Us...We`ll Call You!!

Connect radio.....don’t ya just love it??
Remember when it was rolled out onto the combine as the great answer to all our problems with comms , we would be able to radio, phone , text and even email!!
Well now seems that up at Stonebridge Park reception roads on the Up (SB) end, T/Ops can neither call the Wembley Signaller nor the Tower.
We get why we can’t connect to the Tower.
But the Wembley Box?
It’s their Railway for crissakes!

We Don't Have Break Aways On The Bakerloo Line!

Breaking news from Queens Park.Well we do now!

It would seem that no sooner do them Tory scum get into power then all hell breaks loose on the London Underground.
Fresh from a derailment on the Picc yesterday, the unbelievable scenario of a train break away on the Bakerloo has occurred.
I am not saying the cause is solely to do with neoliberal coalitions but come on, look at the facts.
2 days in the hot seat and 2 serious incidents follow rapidly.

Farewell To Fitz Chambers

Come along to the Clachan Public House to bid a fond farewell to a RMT legend !
19 May at 1600 hrs for an evening of celebration with Fitz.
Wish him well on whatever career he chooses and enjoy a few jars of beer with us.
As luck would have it,thats the day we get our CSS bonus and the balance of our pay LUL cheated us out of in April.
A double celebration if you will !!!

Anyone wishing to donate to Fitz`s collection please give to the following before 19 May;

Average Call to Oyster Help Line Takes Nearly 11 Minutes

A freedom of information request shows that it takes on average nearly 11 minutes to resolve a query for customers calling the Oyster Helpline.

Is this what TfL and LU see as staying true to their vision of world class customer service when discussing job cuts? Is 11 minutes on a telephone better service than a face to face chat with staff in a ticket office?

TfL Spends £7.8 Million On Five Buses, Whilst LU Dumps 800 Staff

TfL have spent £7.8 million pounds of a budget allocation of £15 million, to find a replacement for the Routemaster bus which was scrapped by the previous London Mayor Ken Livingstone, as it was inaccesible to many people.

This is at a time when 800 staff are being cut at LUL in a drive for ‘efficiency'.

Special Safety Notice from the Stations and Revenue Safety Council

Last Thursday, 29th April, RMT reps from the Stations and Revenue Safety Council were asked to attend a special meeting to discuss safety issues from the OSP (Job cuts programme).

We attended the meeting and at the start made it clear that as this matter was still at company council we would not be prepared to discuss anything or sit through any presentation. We made it very clear that until LUL had gone through the proper machinary and way of doing things, that is how our position would remain. We then left the meeting

Duty Manager News Letter

Submitted by Roy Carey


I would like to take this opportunity to make it clear, at the MATS Functional Council OSP meeting on 22/04/2010, the RMT and all other unions involved REFUSED to discuss the job cuts and in fact did not discuss any issue.

(cont'd see attachment)