Immigration rights

Protecting RMT members from harassment by the immigration authorities

Dispute Success 'A Testimony To All DLR Members'


Following my previous Circular (IR/022/15, 21st January 2015), further talks took place with the Company and assurances over the issues in the dispute were received. The General Grades Committee considered this matter and took the decision that, as all our demands have been met, the dispute is resolved and the strike action which was due to commence from Wednesday 28th January was called off.

Resolution to September Regional Council meeting: Eastern European migrant workers

Proposed by the Regional Council Executive Committee

We note that from 1 January 2014, restrictions will be lifted on Bulgarian and Romanian citizens coming to the UK to live and work. Those people who do so are likely to find themselves in the lowest-paid, most insecure jobs. Many of these jobs will be in London Transport, for example in contracted-out cleaning, catering and engineering functions.

RMTv Video: Vulnerable Workers Conference

The RMT have released a video explaining the recent conference to investigate and defend the needs of vulnerable workers.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said before the conference for vulnerable workers "All of us in the union are familiar with the precarious nature of employment at the present time and the many reasons that engender a real sense of vulnerability amongst workers generally across the UK. It is also fair to say that some workers in the industries that we seek to organise are especially vulnerable and need particular support and assistance from a Trade Union like the RMT and it is important that all our officials and members understand the issues vulnerable workers"

The RMT Vulnerable Workers project has produced this short film to raise awareness of the issues faced by vulnerable workers. For more information visit

Let Marciano Stay!

Click here and PLEASE add your name to this petition NOW. Railway cleaner and RMT member Marciano Flora faces deportation as soon as WEDNESDAY following a 'sting' by his employer (John Laing, which holds the contract for London Overground cleaning), who called him and others in to work then handed them over to immigration officers. Marciano has been in London for more than five years, lives with his family, and is settled here.

Protest: Defend Cleaners from Initial Union-Busting

Dear Colleagues

There will be a protest outside Initial-Rentokil offices in Brunswick place [Old Street tube exit 1] on 11th October at 12 noon to 1 pm.This protest has been called against Initials union busting tactics which include bring cleaners into their offices on the pretence of having a grievance hearing and then calling the police to arrest them.

The RMT cannot stand idly by and allow this crude intimidation to continue. Come and show solidarity with our cleaner members on Monday 11th

Many thanks

Steve Hedley Regional Organiser

Protest ISS Union-busting and Attacks on Migrant Workers

Regional Organiser Steve Hedley writes ...

"RMT is holding a protest outside Initial Rentokil offices (Brunswick place, Old Street N1 exit 1 at Old St Station) next Saturday 25th September at 2pm to tell the company in no uncertain terms that we will not allow union busting.

Initial are having people arrested for immigration issues if they complain about not being paid properly or merely becoming active in the RMT. We need your support please attend and show your solidarity with our cleaner members."

Resolution: Mario Joseph

The following resolution, submitted by TfL no.1 branch, was carried unanimously by the July meeting of the Regional Council ...

Haiti humanitarian lawyer Mario Joseph was a guest speaker invited to the UK to appear at various venues, including the RMT Black and Ethnic Minority Committee. He was refused entry into the UK for the most obscure of reasons.

The refusal to admit Mario Joseph is an insult to all who care about Haiti and its people.

Resolution: Cleaners and Immigration Rights

This resolution, submitted by thee Regional Council Executive, was passed at the November 2009 meeting of the Regional Council.

In the light of resolutions passed at AGMs to support our members in the cleaning grades and oppose exploitation of migrant workers and in recognition of the facts that:

  1. Most of our cleaning members are from ethnic minorities.
  2. The various cleaning and other companies have used immigration rules to systematically exploit those who have organised in trade unions.