After G4S Security Shambles RMT Warns Of Olympics Transport Staffing Crisis

TRANSPORT UNION RMT warned today of a repeat of the G4S Olympics security scandal on the tube if London Underground continue with their plans to staff services with inadequately trained volunteers.

RMT is in formal dispute as Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSA’s) are still being used to make up minimum numbers at stations, which is in breach of agreement made in 2008. Additionally. the union has advised management of serious concerns over their plans to introduce mobile station supervision as well as the continuing use of agency and security staff on the ex-Silverlink stations.

London Underground's Breaches Of Casualisation Statement

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

“In response to LUL’s statement given on Thursday 5 July at 16:00 at ACAS, RMT is not arguing about the use of ICSAs working on stations alongside established staff. We are, however, totally opposed to ICSAs being counted towards minimum numbers for keeping a station open or for evacuation purposes.

On 2 April 2008, Gerry Duffy, LUL’s Director of Employee Relations, signed an agreement with RMT and TSSA which clearly states that the minimum staffing level for each station is:

RMT Platform June 2012

In June's edition:

  • RMT Stands Up For Agency Staff on LU Stations
  • Your Station and Revenue Grades Committee
  • ICSAs: Vote ‘Yes’ for Safety and Job Security!
  • Stick Within the Framework!
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Assisting Passengers With Luggage

RMT To Ballot All London Underground Staff For Action Short Of A Strike Over Use Of Unqualified Staff In Safety Critical Roles

TUBE UNION RMT announced today that it is to ballot all London Underground members for action short of a strike over the issue of the company using ill-trained and unqualified Incident Customer Service Assistants (ICSA’s) to make up minimum numbers at stations.

RMT has warned that not only is the policy dangerous but it is also in breach of the 2008 agreement that ended the casualisation dispute. The issue will be particularly relevant over the Olympics period when unprecedented numbers of people will be using the tube

RMT To Ballot For Action Short Of Strike At LU As Union Believes Use Of Under-Trained Volunteers During Olympics Risks Safety


We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and reiterate our opposition to the counting of ICSAs towards minimum staffing numbers for stations, as this:

  • puts passengers and staff at risk by putting the safe running of stations in the hands of minimally-trained volunteers
  • is dangerous at all times, but especially during periods of heavy congestion eg the Olympics
  • breaches the settlement of our Casualisation dispute in 2008

Issue 21 RMT Up front

Click on the attachment to see the latest issue of RMT Up front, the newsletter for RMT drivers on London Underground. This issue focuses on the deal reached by RMT for our driver members. Main stories follow:

RMT wins gold for drivers

Talks at ACAS have achieved a breakthrough for RMT drivers on London Underground. The union’s General Grades Committee and LU have agreed a settlement which will mean that all RMT drivers will get a £500 bonus and £20 a day just for coming to work during the Olympics and Paralympics. There is also the £100 CSS bonus. The monetary payments for our drivers in this deal involve no agreement with the RMT to breach frameworks.

RMT Platform April 2012

Here is the latest edition of RMTPlatform, articles include support for our comrades in the Tubelines dispute and LUL`s disgraceful renege on the casualisation dispute resolution on the Bakerloo line
Support Tube Lines
Fight for
and Passes

Council of Executives Member's Report to Regional Council, February 2012

These are the issues I covered in my report to the Regional Council on 23 February:

  • Track contractors’ charter
  • Website / app
  • RMT/TSSA merger
  • Eurostar cleaners / Heathrow Express
  • Petrit’s legal case
  • Women – training / conference
  • Alstom – Jerusalem LR
  • TUSC – C of E to consult branches
  • Grades and equalities conferences
  • World Book Day / ULRs
  • Tube Lines pay, pensions, DSM dispute
  • Breaches of casualisation dispute settlement (ICSAs, agency staff)
  • Stations access

Message of Solidarity from RMT with Israeli Railworkers Striking against Privatisation

We have seen press reports about your struggle with your employer, Israel Railways and of the serious attacks on your members' collective agreements, safety and conditions of employment. We have also been informed that you and two other colleagues have been fined 10,000 NIS by the Labour Court for leading 'illegal' strike action against plans to privatise and 'out-source' your work to sub-contractors, in order to break up your collective contract.