Solidarity with workers and others demanding democracy, social justice and regime change in Egypt.

RMT Protests Against Kamal Abbas Sentence

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow sent this letter to the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Dear Sir/Madam


The RMT is a UK transport union representing 80,000 members in the UK.

We are also Great Britain’s largest rail union and are represented on the Executive Committee of the International Transport Workers Federation.

The RMT is appalled to learn that Kamal Abbas, CTUWS general coordinator has been sentenced in absentia to six months imprisonment.

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions (EFITU) have issued a statement on TUC Congress resolution 72‏.

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions (EFITU) have issued a statement on TUC Congress resolution 72‏.Their statement is below and the original document is also attached.

Statement 30 September 2011
To the British Trade Union Congress and affiliated unions

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Egypt: Links to Information about Workers and the New Independent Trade Union Federation

Here are some links to information about Egyptian workers and the new independent union federation:

RMT joins international condemnation of any attack on trade unions in Egypt

Commenting on news reports that the Egyptian military might attempt to ban strikes or trade union meetings that might lead to them, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“Any attempt to ban strikes and trade union activities in Egypt would be a huge step backwards and RMT fully supports the international trade union condemnation of any such moves.

Email to Egyptian Embassy: Don't ban strikes and workers' meetings

I have today sent the following email to the Egyptian Embassy,

I have today read in the media (for example, here: that Egypt’s military authorities are planning to issue an order banning workers’ meetings and strikes. If this is true, I wish to register the strongest possible objection.

Links: Workers' and Trade Union Involvement in Egyptian Uprising

While the exciting events in Egypt make headline news, the mainstream media do not tell us much about workers' and trade union involvement. So I have compiled this selection of links: