RMT LGBT Conference: Resolutions

The following resolutions were passed by the recent RMT lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender conference. The first two will go forward to the union's Annual General Meeting. The other two will be discussed by the union's Council of Executives:

  1. Membership Form – Disclosure Option of Sexual Orientation
  2. LGBT History
  3. Homophobia at Work
  4. Production of DVD

1. Membership Form – Disclosure Option of Sexual Orientation (Submitted by TfL No. 1 Branch)

We note the sentiments of the resolution carried by the August 2010 LGBT Advisory Committee expressing a desire for the Union to have an effective way of being able to monitor sexuality of our members to create a more inclusive organising strategy; and the decisions CE405&6 not to conduct a monitoring exercise.
This Conference recognises that there is currently no mechanism in place for members who wish to disclose their sexuality to do so in the membership details section of the website; nor on the membership form.
We believe that the visible presence on the membership form of an option to disclose sexuality will help to recruit more LGBT members as they will feel more safe and included. It will also allow the Union to more effectively direct organising campaigns towards this target audience.
Thus this Conference urges the Council of Executives to consider the inclusion of the following tick box options on membership forms and in the membership details section of the website to allow those who wish to disclose their sexuality to do so.
o Heterosexual
o Homosexual
o Bisexual
o Trans
o Prefer not to say.

2. LGBT History (Submitted by Neasden Branch)

That this Conference recognises that LGBT rights have been achieved through determined struggle over many decades. To defend and extend these rights, it is important that today's LGBT activists and trade unionists learn about that inspiring history. We therefore ask the Council of Executives to liaise with the LGBT Advisory Committee to organise a programme of education and celebration of LGBT history, including a travelling exhibition, educational day schools and speakers, articles in RMT News, a pack of educational materials and a DVD / RMTV programme.

Subjects should include:- the decriminalisation of homosexuality; the Stonewall riots; history of Pride; the Gay Liberation Front; Section 28; progress towards legal equality e.g. equal age of consent, partnership rights, parenting rights, anti-discrimination legislation, gender reassignment rights; the history of LGBT workers organising in trade unions, especially in our Union.

3. Homophobia at Work (Submitted by Neasden Branch)

That this Conference believes that while progress has been made towards equality and acceptance of LGBT people, homophobia does still take place at work. It may take the form of malicious comments, anti-gay 'humour', graffiti on lockers, abuse or assault by passengers, discriminatory treatment by those in authority at work, or other actions. Some LGBT workers still find it difficult to be 'out' at work.

We therefore ask the Council of Executives to take action to challenge homophobia at work, including by: producing a poster for display in workplaces; asking Branches to report cases to Head Office; and producing guides for members and reps to what to do should a member be the victim of homophobia.

4. Production of DVD (Submitted by Bedlington Branch)

We note that recently there has been several promotional DVD's produced promoting the RMT and various sections within it, for example the benefits of train Drivers joining the RMT. Therefore we request that a suitable DVD be produced promoting the RMT and the LGBT Member's National Advisory Committee and annual conference. Also to promote other suitable events where there is an RMT presence, such as Pride events.

The DVD's should be available for distribution to members as required and also used for recruitment purposes.