RMT Rejects London Underground's Pay Offer

RMT GGC decision:

That we note that London Underground has made a five-year pay offer, with this year's 'rise' being just 4%. With February's RPI being 5.5%, this is a real-terms pay cut of 1.5%. Further, LU has dismissed most of our claims for improved conditions, and on the two its offer has mentioned, makes no firms commitments.

This offer falls well short of our claim for a substantial, above-inflation pay rise in a one-year deal, together with improvements to conditions; and comes despite LU carrying record numbers of passengers, charging high fares following above-inflation fare rises, cutting staff and thus increasing productivity, and continuing to pay a large number of senior managers excessive, 'fat cat' salaries.

We therefore reject this offer, and will press the company for significant improvements.

We believe that a better deal for London Underground workers can best be achieved by all the trade unions in London Underground taking a united approach. We acknowledge the progress already made towards this, and will continue to pursue such unity.

We believe that it is appropriate to specify a figure for the pay rise we seek, and will set such a figure following consultation with our representatives and the other unions.

We acknowledge that our members would like to see progress with our efforts to secure a better deal.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:
1. Advise London Underground Ltd of this union's rejection of its pay offer.
2. Write to LU members advising them of our rejection of LU's pay offer, our reasons for rejecting it, and our efforts to secure an improved offer.
3. Post this letter on the union’s website.
4. Keep members informed of all developments and progress in a timely fashion.
5. Include an article in RMT News.

We refer this matter to our Southern Sub-Committee for further examination and report.

What is a National Executive Committee decision?

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