Cops spied on station workers carrying out frontline duties

TUBE UNION RMT today reacted with astonishment after revelations that the British Transport Police (BTP) have been carrying out covert spying operations on London Underground (LUL) front line staff.

Even more astonishing is the revelations that these BTP officers engaged in fare evasion including double gating and other acts of anti-social behaviour to “gauge staff reaction”. Double gating is where a fare-dodger slips through the gate behind a fare-payer. All this was done in real time, live, when the station – Piccadilly Circus – was fully open to the public .

RMT To Provide Most Effective Support We Can Regarding Police Treatment Of Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley

We note the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council and share its concern over the police’s treatment of our Assistant General Secretary.

We refer this matter to our Legal Services Sub-committee to examine and report on the most effective support we can provide to Brother Hedley.

Regional Councils and branches to be advised.