Urgent Meeting Called For Over Ominous TfL Comments On Changes In Financial Operation

We note the correspondence from Transport for London regarding pay. We note that the company is insisting that the 0.5% above-inflation element is depending on the implementation of its proposal for performance-related pay. We reaffirm our opposition to this.

We further note the ominous comments in the letter regarding the “step change in TfL’s financial and operational environment”, indicating that the government’s savage funding cut to TfL will be passed on to our members – and service users – in the form of cuts and attacks on pay and conditions.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. convene a meeting of our four TfL representatives within 28 days to discuss this and other TfL matters
  2. produce a map of our TfL membership in advance of this meeting
  3. place a report of this meeting in front of us
  4. request paid release of our TfL reps for a regular, monthly meeting to report to and discuss with the lead officer, as provided for in ACAS guidelines.

London Transport Regional Council, TfL no.1 branch and our TfL representatives to be advised.