Stratford No1 Branch Minutes for September '11

Branch Secretary: Terry O’Neill.

Branch Chairperson: Adrian Finney ,

Branch Minutes: Thursday September 8th 2011

Attendees: A Finney, TO'Neill A Carney, Allan Thomson,T Umanah, Paul Penny, P Heys, D Pittman, John
McConville,Tony Rowntree,D Millhouse, ASaint, B Munro,Mac McKenna,Julia Latona, Lee Kanazaria,
Janine Booth. G Brown
Apologies:Brain Witham, Debby French,Paul Hamilton,M Mujahid,G Weston,Mark Wheeler
* Highlighted denotes attendees are not branch members.
17.05 hrs Meeting opens.
Previous Minutes Adopted:Pro PP Sec AC

1. Matters Arising:
S Hedley named twice as an attendee, spelling checks required.
2. (A) Leavers and Joiners: March 2011
3 Joiners.
4 Leavers
4 Suspensions
Action , Terry O'Neill to e-maill all on the lists.
2(b) Organization, Recruitment & Retention.
• Recriutment October 2011, Leyton & Bank Groups,
• Branch agreed to recruit all those non members from aslef and nons, but not those RMT members who
crossed the line during recent industrial actions
3 Committee Reports:
AF reported on recent Regional Meeting
• Olympics: Carried
• OSN 101: Carried
• Functional Reps: Fell (To be resent)
• Voting Regs: Fell
• Phone Hacking :Passed
• Palestinian & Israeli Workers: Fell
There was no available time for emergency resolutions, which will now go to the next regional meeting.Janine Booth Reported :
• Wages and conditions
• Olympics games
• Sensitive edge
• OSN 101
• Terms and Conditiosn
• EDL being transported on LUL.
• Tunde Umanah(Coe)
• Enhansed AFM functionality
3.a Other Reports :
Brain Munro, reported on Jayest Patel's case.
• Steve Hedley, Running for Assistant GS
• Bob Crow , letter for support , carried to next month
• Brain Munro, Support for TFC( Branch agreed to nominate Brian)
• Absbestos, GB& DM to report back to Branch secretary
• Yellow Perrils, Jbs,wages and conditions 2011
• Appeal Mr Oubridge
• 75 Aniversary od Cable Street
• Job Vaccancies @ Rmt HQ
• 2014 AGM to be held in Torquay, 2013 Brighton
• Conduct at grades conferances
• Vunerable workers
• TSSA & RMT merger
5. Members Cases
1. Tunde Umanah (Leytonstone), congrats from HQ .
2. A Adekoya (Loughton) Going to IT..
3. Julia Latona, ongoing.Julia was assisted by J Leach
6.Workplace Issues:
• Annual leave 28 days notice
• Remote working Loughton Hainault
Motions Previously Given 7.AOB
• OSN101 By DM
• Food by AC
• News Letter Items by PP
• PNR procedure by PP
• Ballot on Bakerloo for industrial actions
• Delays to Patels case because Mike Brown stalling Bob Crow
• E-mail Nikki Sellling :Re Platform entrances and exits at Stratford for retail centre opening
Meeting closed 1900 hours, Branch account as of August
£1,300.00 approx