Stratford No 1 Branch Minutes July 2012

2Branch Secretary: Terry O’Neill. Branch Chairperson: Adrian Finney ,

Branch Minutes: Thursday July 15th 2012

Attendees: Peter Pinkney, Mick Lynch, Janine Booth, John Reid, Ash Malik, Adrian Finney,
T O'Neill , Julia Latona, Glen Brown, Muhamed Mujahid, Paul Penny, Gary Weston, Allan
Thompson, Lee Kanasaria.
• Highlighted denotes attendees are not branch members.
Applologies: A Saint , Dave Pittman
Meeting opens: 17.10
Previous Minutes Adopted: Pro; MM Sec:JL

1.Matters Arising:
GB not on previous minutes
Branch Sec to write to all reps , requesting appologies in advance.
Branch Account as of 15
July £1100.00 approx.
BTUC nominations not in on time. TO'N appologised
2. (A) Leavers and Joiners: March 2011
11 new members
1 Transferred
3 Susspended(Retirees)
2(b) Organization, Recruitment & Retention.
Bank , Leyton and other areas to be recruited.3 Committee Reports:
John Reid reported :
•15 branches in the region, John will attend more
•Olympic Agreements
•ICSA issues
•Ballots now live
•Post Olympics, casualisation
•Rainbow Policy: Mediacal, redeployments
•Revenue Staff under attack
•Managemnt interperting agrreements how they like, they want to bring in split
shifts/Break the 8 day max shifts rule.
•Mmebership drive, Aslef members to be recruited on the stations.
•Material for recruitment
•Meeting of all reps to discuss new tactics
Probationary period for new staff to Train Op & it takes time to build actions
Janine Booth Reported:
• Probationary Period
• Two victories Petraj Mihaj
• Service control agreements, e-mail all members
• Ongoing Ballots and actions/ Thales, 3 bus companies, GW and Anglia, TFL OT Ban, ICSA's
• Autism in the workplace Friday October 19
• Dayna Nembard back at work
Regional Executive.
No July Meeting
Elections for President:
Husting were held , Both Peter Pinkney and Mick Lynch were present and both candicates were give
15 minutes
The branch nominated Peter Pinkney, the branch will do a mailing to all members and run an add in
the RMT News.
The Chairperson thanks both candicates for their attendance.3.a Other Reports :
• Nil

• Election of National President timetable
• Letters seeking support P Pinkney & M Lynch
• We are Walthamforrest
• Thomsons M Abdile
• RMT/TUC know your rights
• Branch Nom Jarred Wood
• Provision of Laptops and Printers
• Accident Benefit Saltougiannis
• Quaterly allocations
• Parliamnetary Report
• National Accounts
• Supplementary Agenda AGM 2012
• Unity Bank magasine
• South East Region TUC
• Rmt Property report
• BTUC womens conference
• GS reports to the AGM
• 4 x Yellow Perills
• WEA movies
• Leavers and Joiners reports
5. Members Cases
1.Imran Master Lougton incidents
2.Lee Kanazaria, provision of facilities for Learning reps.
3.Tunde Umanah redacted information
4.Illyas Patel
6.Workplace Issues:
1.Branch Library to be set up at Leytonstone
2.Lee Kanazaria elected as Rep for Leyton Group.
7.Equality Issues

Stratford No1 to support all equality isses with the region Motions Previously Given :
1.Housing Benefit cuts. Resolution : Government Plans to Scrap Housing Benefit to the
Under 25's
Stratford No1 Notes:
1. The plans announced by the conservative party leader on June 25th 2012 to
scrap housing benefit to the Under 25s
2. The statement by the homeless charity ''Crisis'', describing the proposals as
'counterproductive, ill-considered and irresponsible'.
3. The homeless charity Shelter has also stated ' Many young people are facing
significant difficulties in finding work : these proposals will lead to thousands
with nowhere else to go.
4. The comments of Bob Green , the chief Executive of LGBT Housing
Association Stonewall Housing, that there is a risk that LGBT people fleeing
homophobic or transphobic violence '' will remain in dangerous situations and
some may have to move further away from their support networks. In essence,
LGBT people may not be able to afford safety.
This Branch believes that:
1. Cameron’s plans are deeply irresponsible and at a time when youth
homelessness is already on the rise. It would be reckless and cruel to remove
housing benefit for under 25's
2. Plans to remove housing benefit are an attack on young LGBT peoples
independence and their ability to escape homophobia.
3. The attacks on housing and welfare benefits by the Con-dem government are
This branch calls on the RMT to:

1. Oppose these vicious attacks on young people by this governments plans to
scrap housing benefit for the under 25's.

2. Mobilise for protest actions and continue to fight the coalition governments
cuts to public services , job losses and the dismantling of the UK welfare state.
2. Olympic Security
We are alaramred at the reports into the shambolic secuirity and safety
arrangments over theLondon Olympics .We ask that the Union raises these concerns with the
Transport Athorities and employers in London. We ask that the Union provide immediate
advice to our members of the right to refuse to work on the grounds of heath and safety

3.Future LGBT conferances
We note the increasing attendance and success of the union’s National LGBT
Members’ Conference, and ask that it be extended to begin on the afternoon of day 1
and continue the following day.
4. Lapsed Memberships
We request that our membership department make contact with all lapsed members within 14 days
after subscriptions have stopped. Our membership department should use all forms of
communications to make contact with lapsed members to document the reasons for the loss of
membership and to offer any assistance to those members.

AOB Allan Thomson : G4S, H&S reps to ask questions on the HOT procedure.

Meeting closed 1940 hours, Branch account as of July 2012 :