RMT Pledges To Fight Tory Attack On Pensioners Travel

RMT pledges to fight Cameron-ally Nick Boles attack on pensioners travel.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said

"Nick Boles speaks for the rotten core of the Tory party when he lines up his attack on pensioners' free travel and other well-earned benefits. He knows full well that means-testing the travel pass would stop many who need it from claiming it - cutting off their lifeline and leaving them isolated from the wider world. The Tory right are using the bankers' economic crisis as a cover to take the axe to core pensioners' benefits and we will fight them all the way.

"This threat to free travel from the Tory Party should be seen alongside savage cuts to rural bus services as they send out the message that unless you can afford to run a Merc these rich boys could not care less."