Regional LGBT Officer

I have been elected as the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Officer for the London Transport Region at the recent Regional Council Meeting.

This is a relatively new position. The previous LGBT Officer organized a great turn out for London Pride and social events - something that I hope to continue this year.

I think it would be productive to set up an lgbt network in the region for lgbt reps and activists. This would be a way for us to discuss workplace issues and events and to highlight issues affecting lgbt members. It would also perhaps be a way to encourage more members to become lgbt reps in branches that don't have them, and therefore improve the visibility of RMT's lgbt members, so that other members who are perhaps experiencing difficulties in their workplace because of their sexuality- or for any other reason, know that there is someone they can speak should they find discussing such issues difficult.

Anybody who has suggestions of the sort of things we can be doing in the London Transport Region, or wants to be involved please contact me via email here or leave a comment below.

Peter North