No to 19

John Kennedy, Vice chair London taxi branch, writes ...

Clause 19 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London (no.2) bill seeks to introduce a “voluntary registration” for pedicabs that will allow councils and transport for London to issue fixed penalty notices for parking and moving traffic offences. The scheme is voluntary and therefore no owner or rider is compelled to register and therefore there is no sanction for those who chose not to operate under the scheme. The Head of Transportation at Westminster city council intends to give up to 30 ranks/bays for pedicabs to park/operate from and this will lead to reasonable members of the public believing that these dangerous objects are in fact regulated by councils or TfL in London.

The RMT London taxi branch is objecting to clause 19 of this bill and seeks the support of bus drivers and other workers who have experienced the most dangerous practises on the public highway by the riders of these pedicabs. Public safety and our standards must come before 3rd world transport schemes, the boroughs and transport for London were asked by parliament back in 2005/06 to come up with a licensing scheme this they have failed to do. The Dep’t of transport have failed to crash test these objects know has pedicabs chosing to ignore the calls of taxi-cab drivers across the capital.

We shall on the 30th of September 09 between midday and 2.00pm be picketing Parliament Square, Windsor house TFL headquarters and the offices of Westminster city council who both happen to on Victoria street. At the same time we shall be distributing leaflets and recruitment material at many mainline stations.

We shall be lobbying parliament directly at a later date when this bill receives its first reading in the house of commons in the meantime just say NO to 19. If any Underground staff feel in the centre of London that these objects block exits and harass members of staff please do contact me. Please note RMT bus drivers are already in contact and we are seeking their support in this campaign.