New Year, where's the cheer?

SOSSo after the pay has been settled in time for Christmas we start the new year looking forward to the impending major attacks on staffing levels across all stations which will impact immensely on ours and customers safety. London Underground in an attempt to claw back money from its fatal PPP collapse is making us pay for its incompetence.
Groups such as the Wembley Central group are looking like a major target for LU’s plans with Ticket offices shutting and, with the ongoing saga of trying to get supervisors on the group it is all becoming clear why LU have stone walled for so long as they have no intention of introducing SSMF’s on the group. Possibly even trying to use Wembley as a test bed for mobile supervision which is an idea LU have been rumoured to want to implement on outer laying stations.
Super groups are being looked at by LU with Piccadilly circus moving to the Charing Cross and OXO being hived off to the Central line thus getting rid of a few GSM’s (our heart bleeds!) and several DSM’s (it bleeds again for those that aren’t our members!).
Ticket offices will see window availability greatly reduced if LU get their way and the £5 minimum top up is just the start of undermining Ticket office jobs, LU are even trying to rewrite the CCEP (Congestion Control and Emergency Plan) to dictate the ‘safe’ running of the stations with bare minimum numbers. This all equates to cuts, cuts and more cuts and will mean staff taking on the extra work left by the vacancies.
We urge members to get involved and speak to your reps to get more information, attend branch meetings and see how we can organise to stop these cuts as through Unity we have strength to win.