May Branch newsletter

Please find attached the latest Branch newsletter.

"Last month tube management succeeded in de-railing our democratic right to strike for better pay, against bullying and against compulsory redundancies.
Running off to the courts and threatening the union with legal action rather than negotiating with us shows their contempt for the workforce."
General Secretary Bob Crow said “Our members are furious that a democratic vote for action just a month ago was sabotaged by a shameful legal challenge aimed at undermining the internal democracy of our trade union. Tube bosses have wasted time and money on lawyers when they knew very well that RMT would never tolerate this attack on our members and our organisation. The re-ballot will give our members a chance to express the depth of their anger, ”
London Underground thought that using Thatcher’s anti trade union laws would suppress workers’ anger - they got a nasty shock on the Victoria Line.
Train drivers on the Vic showed us all that solidarity and unity still exists with a 100% walkout from members of RMT and ASLEF.
All 10,000 members of RMT on LUL and ex Metronet now have the chance to show the bosses again that their pathetic (improved) 5 year pay insult is totally unacceptable.
Last months ballot gave an 80% majority for strike action. This time round we need to show the bosses that we are determined to win a substantial pay rise and bring an end to their bully boy tactics.
Ballot papers are to be returned by 28th of May. Solidarity wins. Use your vote.