Well 2 of us actually........but it’s the principle innit?
Today’s ad hoc at Bakerloo E&C depot descended into a sketch not seen since Monty Pythons’ heyday.
We were told today’s meeting to discuss the upcoming Xmas shutdown was on an “information” basis only.
Aren’t all meetings?
But it would not be formal, so in the event of a disagreement, failure to agree etc there would be nowhere to progress it to.
Imagine it.
That`ll be the end of Tier 1`s.
No Tier 2 Safety council.
No level 1`s
No Trains functional Council.
Every time we asked for the meeting to be put on a formal basis, the E&C TOM tried to tell us why it was not formal.
By telling us what the issues were.
Every time this happened, we asked him to acknowledge the need for full and proper consultation.
Back round to the beginning.
And so on and so on..................
Frustrating? Certainly.
We declared the meeting a farce and left the building.
Well figuratively speaking, it would lose creative impact if I told you we went and had a cup of tea.
We have now asked the Bakerloo Line GM/PM to intervene and give us what we want.
Isn’t much to ask is it?