London Underground needs to end damaging cuts

ENDING DAMAGING staff cuts, bringing all of London’s Tube back into the public sector and getting the network’s upgrade back on track are more important than the name on the managing director’s door, London Underground’s biggest union said today.

Responding to news that LUL chief Tim O’Toole was stepping down, RMT said that the damaging policies being imposed on the network needed to be reversed.

“A transport chief is only as good as the policies he or she is implementing, and Transport for London has launched an assault on jobs that can only harm service provision, ,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today.

“More important than who succeeds Tim O’Toole is the need to scrap attacks on jobs, get rid of what’s what is left of the PPP and get the Tube’s upgrade back on track in time for 2012.

“London Underground is a key public service in a key world city and it is no place for failed private-sector experiments, short-sighted cuts or the petty bully-boy management our members increasingly complain of,” Bob Crow said.