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RMT reps say pay offer falls short

The  overwhelming view of the reps at the meeting was that the pay offer fell short of what was wanted.
It was a below inflation 4 year deal that gave us no increase until year 4.
In year 1 we get about 2% , with strings and dependant on what salary you are on, but the RPI in April 2015, when we should have got our pay rise, was 2.5%,
In  years 2 & 3 RPI or 1% (whichever is greater) and year 4 only 0.25% above RPI.

The deal is loaded in the employers favour.

Night Tube implemented 
Fit For Future station re-org implemented 
Track and Signal workers work patterns shifted to Sunday-Thursday
Increased responsibilities and Night Duties for Service Control

 For the workers:

Pay cut in year 1
No pay rise in year 2 and 3 - unless RPI is below 1%
0.25% above RPI year 4

We should not accept that this is the "closing offer", if it's the final offer from LUL then we may have to take action to make them think again

No referendum needed

The Council of Executive will meet and decide our next course of action: which in our view should definitely not mean a referendum to reject this offer.
It would be more productive to build for action in the workplace.

Keep up to date with the dispute and developments at

The  offer in full:
Year 1 - 1% + £500 consolidated paymeant
Year 2 - RPI or 1% whichever is greater
Year 3 - RPI or 1% whichever is greater
Year 4 - RPI+0.25%

£500 non-consolidated payment to all station staff once the new operating model is introduced.

£500 non-consolidated launch payment to all staff on Night Tube lines and an equivalent launch payment for staff when NT comes in

Your representatives have agreed this offer does not reflect a fair reflection of the record breaking numbers of passengers and increased service levels LUL have enjoyed.

To get LUL to change its mind we may have to take further Industrial Action

Demo 9th December 0800-1130   
At Clapham Common Stn

Members are aware that Glen has been targeted by LUL because of his Trade Union activities.
LU have tried to dismiss Glen at a CDI for closing his station during an OT ban because there was no relief.
The CDI panel found nothing against Glen because he clearly did nothing wrong.

LU are now back for another go.
They have drawn up charges of being horrible to a manager.
Who never submitted a complaint
Or even suggested to Glen that his tone or demeanour was a concern
There are no witnesses to this heinous crime.

Unbelievably they are pushing ahead with this.
RMT will not stand back and let the employer take out one of our most high profile political activists
Glen has represented and defended members throughout his time on LUL
It is now our turn to defend Glen
The RMT have a successful event history of defending their reps because we understand without our reps our union would be ineffective.

Solidarity wins

Join us on the demo Outside Clapham Common Station Wednesday December 9 from 0800 - 1130
For more information please visit