Don’t Call Us...We`ll Call You!!

Connect radio.....don’t ya just love it??
Remember when it was rolled out onto the combine as the great answer to all our problems with comms , we would be able to radio, phone , text and even email!!
Well now seems that up at Stonebridge Park reception roads on the Up (SB) end, T/Ops can neither call the Wembley Signaller nor the Tower.
We get why we can’t connect to the Tower.
But the Wembley Box?
It’s their Railway for crissakes!
You have to be able to communicate with whichever box is in charge of that section of the track.
It’s basic Railway Standards.
When challenged, Bakerloo management responded with the old cliché;
“Don`t worry, they can call you”
Well, I am a little worried.
Having failed my CSE in radio comms back in the dim and distant past, I imagined, rather naively according to LUL, that radio waves were a 2 way thing, you know, like you can hear and talk at the same time, listen to instructions, repeat back.
Quite important that bit.
Repeat back!!
Bakerloo drivers are now having to scramble out of their cabs, down on to the track to speak to the Wembley box via the SPT.
Just like we did before.
In the wet. In the snow.
Yeah connect.
Don’t ya just love it?