DLR Dispute Sees Low Earners Offered Minimum Rise of £750 A Year


Further to my previous Circular (IR/124/15, 14th May 2015), members are congratulated for their solidarity in returning a magnificent result in favour of taking strike action. This prompted some movement from KAD management and our RMT Reps recently attended a meeting with the Company where the following revised three year pay offer was tabled:-

Year One
A 2% pay increase, backdated to 1st January 2015 (including for allowances) and running to 31st March 2016.
Those with a salary of less than £30,000 will receive a minimum increase of £750.

Years Two & Three
An increase of March RPI + 0.25%, with a guaranteed minimum increase of 1.5%.

To reflect the movement of the pay anniversary date, one additional day’s leave will be given in 2016 to each member of staff employed on 1st January 2016. This extra day of leave applies to 2016 only and is equivalent to 7 hours. Usual rules for rostering and/or booking of annual leave will apply.

The General Grades Committee has considered this matter and the improved offer from the Company and taken the decision to conduct a referendum with a recommendation that members VOTE ‘YES’ TO ACCEPT THE OFFER. The voting papers were posted out to members on Tuesday 2nd June and the closing date for this referendum is Tuesday 16th June 2015.

I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.