Deductions from Pay or Leave Because of Snow

From RMT head office circular No. IR/70/09, dated 5th March 2009


Some LUL members have lost pay or a day’s leave because of heavy snow prevented them coming in to work on Monday 2nd February 2009. The fact of the matter is that TFL decided not to run the buses, so it is totally unfair to punish staff.

Any member who has lost pay or leave should appeal against this decision to their employing manager. Senior LU Management has promised this Union that each decision must be taken on its merits and that there is no blanket LUL policy to stop pay.

Any member who tried to get to work on the day should appeal against that decision and speak to their employing manager to make sure they understand the full circumstances. No decision to deduct pay or leave should stand unless the individual circumstances are taken into account. Indeed in many areas of LUL nobody whatsoever has lost any money or annual leave, something that should be extended across the system.

If any member feels that Management have treated them unreasonably they should speak to their union representative about using the grievance procedure.

Yours Sincerely

Bob Crow
General Secretary