BBC Executives conspire to pull invitation to Bob Crow to appear on tonight’s Question Time with Boris Johnson

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today slammed the BBC’s Question Time for “outrageous political bias” after an invitation to General Secretary Bob Crow to appear on the programme this eveningwith London Mayor Boris Johnson was withdrawn at short notice.

Question Time editorial staff cobbled together the pathetic excuse that Bob Crow was pulled from the show “because he appeared on Any Questions?” last week - even though Johnson appeared on exactly that same show where Crow wiped the floor with him

RMT believes that, in the week when he announced a lethal package of £7.6 billion in tube and transport cuts, it was Johnson and his officials at City Hall who demanded that Bob Crow be dropped from the programme. Johnson is notoriously afraid of public debate with Bob Crow and once ripped off a microphone and stormed out when Channel 4 News attempted to bring the two together.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“There is no question that I’ve been pulled from this week’s Question Time because of a political intervention at the highest level within the BBC which is yet more evidence of the Corporation bending the knee to this Government and the Tory Party.

“The argument that this is about me appearing on Any Questions? last week is total garbage. Boris Johnson appeared on the same Any Questions? and yet he is still on the Question Time panel. It is clear that there is one law for the Old Etonian Johnson and another for a working-class trade union leader when it comes to the BBC - that stinks.

“The week after more than half a million people marched on the streets of London the people of this country have a right to hear the London Mayor and the tube union leader debate and discuss his cuts plans. Boris is running scared of that debate and the BBC executives are holding his coat - that is disgraceful bias and makes a mockery of the BBC Charter.”

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