Get Involved In Our Campaign To Defend And Improve Jobs

WHAT YOU CAN DO to be part of our campaign to defend and improve jobs:

Join RMT

If you are already a member of RMT, get active and involved:

  • talk to your RMT rep
  • make sure that RMT has your up-to-date details (address, grade, location, etc)
  • make sure that RMT has your email address and mobile number so the union can contact you quickly and easily
  • persuade a workmate to join
  • get involved in your RMT branch

Tube Lines Strike Suspended

We note the report on file from our lead officer and in line with the unanimous view of our Company
Council representatives, we instruct the General Secretary to suspend the industrial action (strike and
overtime ban) due to start on Friday 15 February.

We note that Tube Lines is to cost our demands for pension and travel equality by the end of March.

Bring Tube Contracts Back In House

Since the 1980s, various parts of London Underground have been hived off to the private sector, leading to pay cuts, job losses, worse services and more bureaucracy. The failures of these privatisations – and RMT campaigning – have led to some of these sections returning to public ownership:

  • Metronet collapsed in 2007 and became part of LUL again in 2008
  • Tube Lines was bought by TfL in 2010
  • Tube Lines has taken train maintenance at Stratford Market Depot away from Alstom and back in-house

They Say - We Say

They say: New technology means that London Underground needs fewer staff.

We say: New technology can improve London Underground if it is used alongside staff, not instead of us. But LUL is developing technology specifically for the purpose of getting rid of jobs - this is the rationale behind driverless trains or 'wave and pay'. LUL should develop different technology that works effectively with staff to improve the service.

Current plans for technology will worsen the service, increase unemployment and are a waste of public money.

Joint Union Statement Calls For Tube Lines Pensions Parity

We note the response to the joint statement from all four trade unions advocating that all Tube Lines employees be allowed to join the TfL Pension Scheme. While we are pursuing our demand for pensions equality through a dispute and negotiations with Tube Lines, we believe that it is valid for the Working Group to support our position based on the strength of the Scheme and affordability, and instruct the General Secretary to reply accordingly.

RMT To Confirm Recognition With Bombardier

We note the correspondence on file, and believe that following the merger of the Services and Product Information functions, the Recognition and Procedure Agreement between RMT and Bombardier should cover all of the merged team.

We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this is confirmed with the employer.

London Transport Regional Council and LU Fleet branch to be advised.

Tube Lines Bosses Consider Reps Roster

We note the report from our lead officer on file, that management are considering an alternative roster
submitted by our representative. We instruct the General Secretary to place management’s response in front of us when received, together with the views of our representatives.

London Transport Regional Council and LU Engineering branch to be advised.

Job Cuts part 2: What's happening Where You Work?

This is the second part of a two part article taken from our newsletter on fighting job cuts. You can download it from here or request copies here

LUL is deliberately moving to a system of less frequent maintenance of the train fleet. They want us to make checks on equipment such as tripcocks far less often. Examinations have already been moved from every 14 days to 28 days, and management plan to change daily checks to once every 60 days, and have us check the new stock just every 60 days. They also plan to reduce Hammersmith depot to little more than a stabling yard, cutting jobs and displacing staff, and to use the introduction of new trains as a pretext to do away with long-established rosters and working practices.

These cuts will inevitably lead to more failures and risk to passengers and staff, but management only care about saving money. They plan to do that by cutting our jobs and reducing their wage bill.

Broadsheet Created For Campaign Against Job Cuts

The RMTs new broadsheet 'We Can Stop Job Cuts' for the London Transport Region, is now available for distribution in workplaces. The RMT's London Region acting Regional Secretary said "Please could representatives make arrangements for collection accordingly for direct distribution into workplaces in accordance with the General Grades Committee’s decision. When you come, you will find a collection sheet and you are asked to put your name and workplace on it just so we know where the papers have gone.