3.8% Pay Rise For Tube Lines Workers

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow


You will be aware that we are currently in year 4 of the 5 year pay. It was agreed that year 4 would be based on the actual RPI in January 2013 which is published in February 2013 + 0.5% or a minimum 2% whichever is the greater.

Therefore I write to advise you that the RPI figure for January 2013 was 3.3%, which means an increase in pay for this year of 3.8%, effective from 1st April 2013.

RMT Response To Runaway Tube Train Fines

London Underground, Tubelines and Schweerbau GMBH have been fined £300,000 having plead guilty in court to endangering safety following the 2010 runaway train incident.

The incident occurred when a defective maintenance train was being towed. The trains became separated and the defective wagon rolled through seven stations of speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, coming within 600m of a passenger train. The quick response of control room staff prevented what judge Richard Hone told the court: “was the potential of terrible tragedy.”

RMT Appalled At Fingerprinting Plan For Cleaners

We note the report of the well-attended meeting of our London Underground / Tube Lines ISS representatives on 20 February 2013.

The meeting identified several attacks on working conditions in addition to pay issues:

  • ‘Bradford Factor’ attendance rules
  • new rostering, extending the unpaid break in the middle of the shift from 30 minutes to 45, 60 or even 75 minutes
  • biometric booking on, including for agency staff

RMT Alarmed At Possibility Of Redundancies At Mitie


“We note the report from the Assistant General Secretary and are appalled that fraud was committed in the compilation of the business case and that this employer intends to go ahead with redundancies anyway.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:-

  • Seek press coverage of this situation
  • Seek urgent legal advice on our options for putting a stop to these redundancies going ahead

RMT Seeks Legal Advice As MJ Quinn Refuses To Recognise Workers Union

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and that MJ Quinn is refusing to recognise RMT for those employees transferred from Emcor, despite this union’s recognition for these members when they worked for Emcor.

In accordance with our Regional Organiser’s request, we instruct the General Secretary to obtain and place in front of us legal advice on the collective bargaining and recognition arrangements being transferred from Emcor to MJ Quinn under the TUPE regulations.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Get Involved In Our Campaign To Defend And Improve Jobs

WHAT YOU CAN DO to be part of our campaign to defend and improve jobs:

Join RMT

If you are already a member of RMT, get active and involved:

  • talk to your RMT rep
  • make sure that RMT has your up-to-date details (address, grade, location, etc)
  • make sure that RMT has your email address and mobile number so the union can contact you quickly and easily
  • persuade a workmate to join
  • get involved in your RMT branch

Tube Lines Strike Suspended

We note the report on file from our lead officer and in line with the unanimous view of our Company
Council representatives, we instruct the General Secretary to suspend the industrial action (strike and
overtime ban) due to start on Friday 15 February.

We note that Tube Lines is to cost our demands for pension and travel equality by the end of March.

Bring Tube Contracts Back In House

Since the 1980s, various parts of London Underground have been hived off to the private sector, leading to pay cuts, job losses, worse services and more bureaucracy. The failures of these privatisations – and RMT campaigning – have led to some of these sections returning to public ownership:

  • Metronet collapsed in 2007 and became part of LUL again in 2008
  • Tube Lines was bought by TfL in 2010
  • Tube Lines has taken train maintenance at Stratford Market Depot away from Alstom and back in-house