Fleet Agency Trainers Dispute ACAS Update

Today (Monday) I'm attending talks with LUL about our joint dispute with Unite over the outsourcing of LUL jobs (in training) to agency on the Fleet project Heavy Overhaul Programe Lift (HOPL).

This is a major project to overhaul the Central line rolling stock - trains. This project is being used as a Trogan horse to outsource directly employed staff.

RMT and Unite are fighting this tooth and nail and currently we have an overtime ban right across the Fleet membership on LUL.

We have other 'action short' industrial action too.

RMT Congratulates All Tube Workers On Solid Action

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash has saluted the tube workforce for solid, united and determined dtrike action and demanded that LU return to serious negotiations.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"RMT congratulates the 20,000 members of all four tube unions who have stood united, solid and determined today and who have shown the world that ‎you can stand and fight for workplace justice if you are organised and strong. They are a credit to the entire trade union movement.

RMT, Unite & TSSA In Further Joint Strike At TfL

Further to my last letter I regret to advise you that there has been no progress in our discussions with management despite the solid strike action that took place last month. It has therefore been decided by your General Grades Committee, in coordination with our sister unions Unite and TSSA, to call further joint industrial action in our dispute to defend pensionable pay.

All Transport for London members are therefore instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:-

• 05.59 hours Friday 13th June 2014 and 05.58 hours Saturday 14th June 2014.

RMT Lays Out Future Of Every Job Matters Dispute

  • LU crumbled and acceded to critical demands placed on them by this union
  • Union’s position remains the same: no job cuts, no ticket office closures and no to austerity on London’s Underground.
  • Union is particularly concerned on the statements made by LU Directors that they will be coming for our member’s pensions.
  • Strike pay to be discussed

GGC Decision