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This RMTv site showcases the wide range of video material RMT and its members produce. Here are some of those videos related to London Transport Region members and activities. See all the videos at the <a href="http://www.rmtv.org.uk/index.html">RMTv</a> site.

RMTv: Brussels Demonstration -Nationalisation Not Privatisation

Transport workers marched in Brussels on the first anniversary of the European Commission's Transport White Paper, which orders states to surrender transport networks to corporate interests.

The demonstration was attended by London Transport Regional Council members including Young Members.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Brattle.

RMTV: Save Our Railways, No to McNulty, Nationwide Budget "Day of Action"

To coincide with the 2012 budget, RMT called a nationwide day of action against changes proposed in the McNulty Report and the governments Rail Command Paper.

RMTv caught up with events at Waterloo station, a terminal for South West Trains who will be running an experimental operation to run both track maintenance and passenger train services.

You can view lots more videos like this at RMTV

RMTV: Message to London Underground Train Operators

The RMT have published a video explaining why the RMT is the best union for London Underground train drivers.

"From the minute I book on, the tracks that I run over, the trains that I drive, the signals that I work under, even so far as the food that I eat: If I know that those people are part of a strong union, I know that their welfare is being looked after as well as mine. If their welfare is looked after I can rest assured that they are working in a safe environment and their going to provide a professional service" - RMT Train Operator, Picaddilly Line.

RMTv Video: Vulnerable Workers Conference

The RMT have released a video explaining the recent conference to investigate and defend the needs of vulnerable workers.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said before the conference for vulnerable workers "All of us in the union are familiar with the precarious nature of employment at the present time and the many reasons that engender a real sense of vulnerability amongst workers generally across the UK. It is also fair to say that some workers in the industries that we seek to organise are especially vulnerable and need particular support and assistance from a Trade Union like the RMT and it is important that all our officials and members understand the issues vulnerable workers"

The RMT Vulnerable Workers project has produced this short film to raise awareness of the issues faced by vulnerable workers. For more information visit www.rmt-vulnerable-workers.org.uk.