London Bridge 3 picket line video

Reel News has interviewed the RMT's London Transport Regional Organiser John Leach and the National Executive Commitee officer Andy Littlechild on the succesful picket Line at London Bridge. RMT members at the station have been on strike following the sacking of Lee Cornell and disciplinary actions taken against two others who were defending themselves having been assaulted by a fare dodging passanger.

In the incident, which occurred last November, a fare-dodger assaulted three members of staff, including pushing a pregnant colleague in the stomach. One staff member had his glasses stolen and another was punched twice. That member of staff has now been sacked in what the union describes as an “appalling miscarriage of justice.” RMT has slammed LU for bogus and disgraceful claims that the female member of staff wasn’t assaulted – despite the fact that they admitted that crucial fact in the disciplinary hearings.

On the picket line, Regional Organiser John Leach says "The staff here today are incensed that a colleagues could be treated like this by the management team; fired for being assaulted." 

The RMT has now taken the decision to ballot all station workers on London Underground in an attempt to get these injust sacking and disciplinaries overturned.

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