Meetings and events

May Day Demo For Sacked Sodexo Rep Petrit Mihaj


Further to my previous Circular (IR/332/14, 15th December 2014), Branches will be aware of the on-going campaign against Brother Mihaj’s dismissal from Sodexo. A meeting took place with the Senior Assistant General Secretary, the Lead Officer, LTRC and Branch Officers to discuss the issue and the following resolution has recently been received from the London Transport Regional Council:-

London Day Of Action Against Tube Cuts Solidly Supported By Passengers

A day of action against tube cuts on Friday (27th March) was solidly supported by passengers and Londoners, with thousands of leaflets distributed from stations across London. RMT and campaign group Hands Off London Transport, jointly organised the day which was joined by dozens of reps and activists from the RMT union, HOLT group and supporters.

Bermondsey Station: RMT & HOLT Demo Against Cuts

Mayor Boris Johnson and tube bosses plan to close the ticket office at Bermondsey station and cut frontline staff. This is a busy station with a vital ticket office which serves both local residents and those coming into the area to work, It also provides vital information and assistance to elderly and disabled passengers helping them to use London Underground.

Planned Ticket Office Closure Date - 29th March

Staff cuts planned locally including Bermondsey - 30%

We are protesting and taking action to stop the cuts from happening.

Gants Hill Station, Hands Off London Transport Event

Central Line East Branch will be holding a Hands Off London Transport event on Friday 27th March at 16.00 hrs at Gants Hill station. This is in protest of the impending closure of the stations ticket office due in July. We will be handing out leaflets to the public any help would be appreciated. Please also pass the details on to anybody who may wish to support this.

As part of the on-going campaign against ticket office closures and staffing cuts on London Underground, HOLT - Hands Off London Transport and Tube workers' union RMT are organising a London-wide day of action.

RMT & HOLT Day Of Action Against Tube Cuts

As part of the ongoing campaign against ticket office closures and staffing cuts on London Underground, HOLT - Hands Off London Transport and Tube workers' union RMT are organising a London-wide day of action.

We believe cuts and closures will make the Tube less accessible and safe for passengers, particularly disabled passengers and those with English as a second language, as well as more dangerous and stressful for staff.

We demand properly staffed stations with open ticket offices.

Every Job Matters - Members Mass Meeting


Dear Colleagues


Please be advised that at the behest of the General Grades Committee, RMT has organised a meeting open to all activists to discuss the possibility of further industrial action on LU in relation to fending jobs, services and conditions.

Although we have been unable to get agreement for your paid release you are nevertheless urged to make your own arrangements to attend.

The meeting details are as follows:

ETF Women's Committee, March 2015: Section Reports


The Social Dialogue Committee for Ports had adopted a document about women's employment, including recruitment and working conditions for women. Women's employment has increased as technology has led to much port work becoming less physical.

Now the document has been adopted, it needs to be implemented. The strategy is based on raising awareness and changing the image of port work rather than on imposing quotas. Some trade unions have objected to this initiative, as they see women as "taking men's jobs".

ETF Women's Committee meeting, March 2015: Campaigning for Health & Safety and Against Violence

The European Transport Workers' Federation's Women's Committee meets twice per year to discuss issues facing women transport workers across Europe and to drive forward the programme of work agreed by the four-yearly ETF Women's Conference.