Meetings and events

Meeting to discuss tube dispute offer

Following talks at ACAS yesterday, a revised offer has been received from London Underground in respect of Pay & Night Running and also Fit for the Future Stations.  

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee and they have instructed me to organise a meeting for all RMT Industrial Reps to discuss these developments in the above long-running disputes. Although paid release has not as yet been agreed, you are urged to make every effort to attend as your views are essential.

The meeting details are as follows:-

'Next Steps' RMT Tube dispute meeting

'The Next Steps' report back meeting with Regional Organiser John Leach and General Grades Committee rep John Reid

dispute resolution

Rates of pay and conditions of service 2015, Night Tube and Fit for the Future: Trains –Every Job Matters.

The above meeting will be taking place next week starting at 10.00 hours. Please note that release arrangements have not been agreed with LUL on this occasion, but you are nevertheless asked to make every effort to attend if you can.

Full details of the meeting now follow: 

Rates of pay and conditions of service 2015 and Night Tube dispute meeting

Mass Meeting of RMT Representatives – Dispute Resolution

Commencing 14.00 hours sharp on Tuesday 1st December 2015

The Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London, UK W1T 6AQ


Mick Cash – General Secretary

Steve Hedley Assistant General Secretary

John Leach – Regional Organiser

John Reid – RMT Council of Executives   

RMT Women: 100 years of fighting for equality

2015 marks 100 years of women’s membership of the RMT.

Through the last 100 years, women working as train drivers, guards, engineers, signallers, station staff and in all roles on the railway have proved that the industry is not a ‘man’s world’. Yet women have continually had to battle against sexism and still remain a minority in the rail industry.

Join us for an evening of socialising, food, drink and discussion on taking the fight forward for the next 100 years.

Regional Council Meeting November 2015

The next meeting of the London Transport Regional Council will be on Thursday 26th November 1630-1830 at the 12 Pins near Finsbury Park station.

Please try and attend and make sure your own branch is represented at this important organising meeting.

There will be reports from the Counil of Executive member John Reid and from the Regional Organiser John Leach.