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News, reports and information for London Underground train drivers

Upfront Ballot Special: Tube Bosses Declare War On Drivers

  • LUL Declare Ware On Drivers
  • Unions Unite
  • Ir's a Nightmare on Night Tube

LUL's plans for new rosters to facilitate night tube rip up our hard earned agreements in a serial killing of our work life balance that Freddy Kruger would be proud of. These proposed rosters really are the stuff of nightmares…and the ones that LUL have shared so far are the “good ones”.

Reinstate Paul Okoro - Sacked Because His Phone Rang

Paul Okoro has been unfairly sacked because his phone rang. The RMT are defending Paul and we are ready to fight for his reinstatement. What has happened to him could happen to any of us. Stand with us now as we support him and defend ourselves against unfair dismissal.

Paul Okoro was sacked because he briefly glanced at his mobile phone whilst in Northfields depot. The train was stationary and he didn't answer his phone. He handed over the train to a colleague before taking the call in the passenger saloon – his actions were safe at all times.

Jubilee Line Drivers To Be Balloted Over New Procedure


The following resolution was received from our Jubilee South Branch:-

“This Branch is concerned that once again a new procedure has been introduced on the Jubilee Line which decreases safety checks in order to avoid disruption to the train service.

Jubilee South Train Drivers' Newsletter June 2015

This newsletter is for train drivers at Stratford and North Greenwich.

RMT To Ballot Over Pay & Night Tube

The RMT has declared a dispute with LUL over pay and all-night running and is preparing to ballot for strike action.

An outrageous attempt to drive a coach and horses through existing procedures has been attempted by LUL managers who wish to impose new rosters on staff in the run up to the introduction of night tube operation on 12th September 2015.

The union is also placing the derisory pay offer from London Underground into dispute.

Bakerloo News May June 2015

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for RMT members in the Bakerloo branch. In this edition:

  • Tories plan new anti-union laws:labour movement must fight back!
  • Prepare for action on pay, Night Tube, job cuts
  • Full-time station staff relocation
  • Fixed-term contract CSAs: know your rights!
  • Defending one-hour meal breaks

RMT Preparing For Possible Pay And Night Tube Strike

RMT declares dispute over tube night running and derisory pay offer and prepares to ballot for action

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that it has declared a formal dispute with London Underground over an outrageous attempt to drive a coach and horses through existing procedures by attempting to impose new rosters on staff in the run up to the scheduled date for the introduction of night tube operation – 12th September 2015. The rosters would pin staff into a regime of anti-social hours and appalling working conditions.

Jubilee South Train Driver's Newsletter May 2015

This is the newsletter for London Underground train drivers based at North Greenwich and Stratford. In this edition:

  • RMT Demands Proper Pay Offer
  • Strike Ban Threat
  • RMT Says No to 118
  • RMT Takes Action Against PMA Bias In Disciplinaries
  • Nowhere Over The Rainbow
  • Fed up of being left on the staff halt?
  • Stopping Short?

Night Tube Local Consultation Letter 'A Hostile Act'

  • Tube bosses letter signalling an attempt to bypass negotiation initially considered a hoax as it was such a provocative act.
  • RMT seeks common ground with ASLEF in Night Tube negotiations
  • Local reps 'instructed not to co-operate whatsoever in local roster consultation until further notice'

Dear Colleagues


Please be advised that the Trains Functional Council Staff-Side Chair has received a letter from the Bakerloo Line General Manager, Lance Ramsey, who is the LUL conduit for the Night Tube consultations.


Attached is the London Underground SPAD policy, Case Conference for Safety Competance procedure and the Case Conference Guidelines.

These documents could be useful for both members and reps involved in SPAD incidents.

RMT Says No To New Tube Faulty Radio Procedure


There is a new rule going live on May 4th, OSN 118. This would see trains running in passenger services with no direct contact the controller. This is obviously an unacceptable risk to the RMT.

We have had various meetings with LU on this matter and we have continually objected to its introduction. As LU were intent on imposing this on us we have contacted our Head Office with a view to escalating the matter. You will be hearing from our union top brass in due course on this matter.