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Ballot begins over unreasonable sacking of train driver Storey


Further to my previous Circular (IR/317/16, 26th October 2016), the Reps meeting took place on Monday 31st October and the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to declare a dispute with LUL over this matter and to ballot members for strike action and action short of a strike.

Picc Line drivers' strike announced


Further to my previous Circular (IR/345/16, 17th November 2016) and following the recent ballot result in favour of taking further strike action and action short of a strike over the long-running and unresolved issues affecting members on the Piccadilly Line, the National Executive Committee noted the views from a meeting of RMT Reps and has taken the decision to call on all affected members NOT TO BOOK ON for any shifts that commence between:-

Piccadilly Line dispute ACAS talks begin

Dear RMT members

Today myself with RMT Piccadilly line reps and TFC met face to face with the LUL JNP Director, Piccadilly line General Manager and ER team at ACAS.

We were able to lay out in detail all of the issues effecting our members that need fixing on the line. We explained the anger of our members and our determination to get justice

Management have agreed to respond to us in writing early next week.

Accordingly we will attend ACAS next week to consider the LUL postion.

I will be in touch with you all after that.

In solidarity,

Safe working for Night Tube Train Operators

As you all know Night Tube has been with us since mid August and will be across five lines by mid December.

Following the decision to employ NT Train Operators, the RMT made clear to LUL that we expected the same safety arrangements to be in place during night work as exists during the rest of the working day and that NT Train Operators,whilst working specific shifts, should feel as safe as their full time colleagues.

Tube drivers ready to fight back in Piccadilly Line dispute

Further to my previous Circular (IR/317/16, 26th October 2016), the ballot has concluded with members voting as follows:-

Question: Are you prepared to take strike action?

Total Votes Cast 201

Number Voting ‘Yes’ 169

Number Voting ‘No’ 32

Spoilt Papers 0

Question: Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?

Total Votes Cast 201

Number Voting ‘Yes’ 176

Number Voting ‘No’ 25

Spoilt Papers 0

Big votes for action in two separate disputes on London Underground

Tube union RMT confirmed today that balloting has concluded in two separate disputes on London Underground with massive votes for action being recorded in both. Both disputes, tube station staff and Piccadilly Line drivers, have safety of passengers and staff at their core.

The disputes are:

RMT Upfront November 2016

RMT Upfront is the newsletter for drivers on London Underground, produced by RMT driver activists and reps.

In this edition:

  • Tube bosses confirm driverless train testing has taken place
  • Happy New Year to Night Tube drivers
  • RMT demands end of cuts following North Greenwich bomb incident
  • District and H&C Line dispute over Boxing day and NYE working
  • Piccadilly Line Ballot 
  • Night Tube & Trains Grades meetings

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Piccadilly Line drivers ballot prepared

A ballot for strike action of drivers on the Piccadilly Line is being prepared. The dispute involves issues over breach of procedure, mistreatment of a line representatives, unfair disciplinary action and issues surrounding safety and training.

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