AWL website allegations against RO Steve Hedley

The following resolution submitted by LU Engineering Branch was carried 11 votes to 1 at the November 24th Regional council meeting.

This region condemns the statement on the AWL website which makes damaging and unjustified allegations against our Regional Organiser. Steve Hedley has a history spanning 25 years of fighting fascism, racism and anti-semitism. He had to defend himself from physical fascist attack on several occasions and was even arrested for anti fascist activity.

The AWL 'Tube Workers' statement, drawn from right wing blogs, is a damaging attack on our union, at a time when our union is facing unprecedented attacks on jobs and conditions not only in our region but nationally.

We believe this brings the union into disrepute and this region fully supports Steve Hedley and believes the responsible organisation should retract and apologise for this article. We believe this matter should be placed in front of our Council of Executives to take any action in defence of our union it feels is necessary.

We need to concentrate on the forthcoming industrial and political attack on our union and need a united region fighting the bosses and their political masters.”