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RMTLGBTWebBannerLGBT RMT members are organising for mutual support, against homophobia and for equality. Your LGBT Officer is Paul. You can contact him here.

RMT Motions Passed For LGBT Issues

This is a brief guide of the motions related to LGBT issues or members that have been debated and passed within the RMT since 2001.

It details eight motions specifically targeted at LGBT equality, and the RMTs official recognition of these issues and commitment to counter these inequalities and support both members are are brothers and sisters in our wider communities and across the world.

Regional LGBT Officer

I have been elected as the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Officer for the London Transport Region at the recent Regional Council Meeting.

Anybody who has suggestions of the sort of things we can be doing in the London Transport Region, or wants to be involved please contact me via email here or leave a comment below.

National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Members' Advisory Committee - who represents us?

The following members have been elected to represent the London Transport region on RMT's National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Members' Advisory Committee:

  • Joanne Parry, TfL no.1 branch
  • Peter Heyes, Stratford no.1 branch
  • Adrian Rowe, Neasden branch
  • Alan Bell, Hammersmith & City branch

LGBT Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes from 26th November 2009

Submitted by smileypantsjo on Thu, 10/12/2009 - 00:14.

A circular went out to branches earlier this year seeking delegate nominations to be LGBT Advisory committee members as a region we are reserved 5 places on this forum and I was slightly shocked to hear for the first time in a while that we did not receive enough nominations to fill our quota. It should be noted that we are usually the only region to fill all allocated seats.

At the original deadline date only Myself from TfL No.1 Branch and Bro. Heyes from Stratford No.1 had been elected onto the committee.

Workshop: Writing Resolutions for RMT Equalities Conferences

Venue: Unity House

Within the next few months, RMT will hold conferences for young members, women members, black and ethnic minority members, and lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender members.

Members put issues on the agendas of these conferences by getting their branch to submit a resolution. But that can be a bit daunting, so the Regional Council is holding a workshop on how to write resolutions. We will discuss the issues that these groups of members face at work and in wider society, and learn the practicalities of putting it down on paper as a resolution.

Sign This Petition Against Uganda Death Penalty for Homosexuality

LGBT ugagnda protestPlease see below a petition for our Ugandan brothers and sisters and against the 'Anti-Homosexuality Bill'.

A draft of the "Anti-Homosexuality Bill" was introduced by Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati on October 14, 2009.

Paragraph 3 of the draft bill sets out provisions on what it names as "aggravated homosexuality," which will incur the death penalty, contradicting the global trend toward a moratorium on the use of the death penalty.

National Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual and Transgender Conference 2010

I'm pleased to be able to announce the dates for next years Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Conference

It will be held in Belfast on the following dates below. The Social event will be held on the Thursday 13th May 2010 and the conference will start at 0900 on Friday 14th February 2010 at the Holiday Inn Hotel

Futher information will be published through Branch Circulars in due course.

We hope by advertising the conference early, we will be able to have the biggest ever delegation to this crucial conference.